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Hiking Gaiters


Hiking isn’t all about the thrill and adventure you encounter while taking the course to your destination. It is also about safety and security along the journey.


Hiking can be fulfilling and rewarding if no tragedy or accidents happen as you move forward. Protection gear such as a pair of hiking gaiters can help to secure the lower leg from possible injuries that may arise during the trip.


Hiking gaiters are often interchangeably known as boot gaiters and/or walking gaiters. They help protect the lower leg not just from injuries brought by physical objects such as tree branches and insect bites, but also from unseen elements like the wind and sudden change in temperature that can bring discomfort to your legs.


Boot gaiters help warm the lower legs making it suitable for use during winter. But of course, hiking gaiters are suitable for use on any season and on any terrain.


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Keeping small stones and sand out of the boots is another protection hiking gaiters offer. Navigating through stony or sandy fields without any gaiters on can potentially cause small stone and sand particles to get inside the boots causing many inconveniences while walking.


In addition to these protections, the socks are also protected to a degree against snow and water, since the gaiters are suspended from the outside, providing a level of water and snow resistance.


Durable walking gaiters are usually made of super-strong materials such as nylon and pack cloth, providing tough yet comfortable garments. Other makers of hiking gaiters pride the use of extreme outdoor technologies such as GORE-TEX® Paclite®.


Several outdoor products use GORE-TEX® Paclite® for the extreme protection and comfort it provides. Some heavy duty snake proof gaiters are even available on the market these days, which could be useful depending upon the terrain that you’re planning to be in.



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There are two major designs of boot gaiters available in the market today. We have the low and high cut where individual product offer different protection. 

  • The low cut design usually weighs an average of 4 - 5 oz and goes from the ankle to about the center of the leg. These are really intended to keep the rocks and pebbles out of your shoes and boots during a dry hiking, backpacking or even trail running trip.
  • The high cut design on the other hand, weighs an average of 6 - 8 oz and goes closer to the knees. These are designed for heavier duty use; often with longer backpacking trips, and particularly when you’ll be encountering deeper snow, or rougher terrain where you may be bushwacking through brush.

Locks for the gaiters also come in various designs. Others are made with anti-rust zippers while some go with Velcro locks for instant fit. Some hiking gaiters use the combination of both locks by using a zipper that runs from the bottom of the gaiter to the top, and a Velcro attached to the top portion for added lock protection. Velcro locks are mostly used on gaiters replacing the zipper since many find it more convenient to use with an added adjustable feature.


The video above provides instructions for how to put on a common type of boot gaiters.


Like almost all hiking gear, boot gaiters are available in various sizes. General ones include small, medium and large. Small sizes often come with 4-7 or 5-7 and large sizes can go from 10-13 to 11-14. Different regions may also provide different basis for the scale. When purchasing it is best consider the wearer. Men have considerably larger boot sizes than women, so an extra inch for their walking gaiters is appropriate.


Style and color are two additional factors buyers can check when planning for a purchase of hiking gaiters. The locks and the type of fabric used are two elements of style that need good attention. Colors are often provided in a wide variety to suit everyone’s desire. Marine, black, a combination of red and black, brown, camouflage, green, and gray are the most dominant colors you’ll find in many stores.


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